What we do

Chime is a new generation of Expert Network.  Read more about what we do and how we do it.  

Sometimes the only way to get answers to your questions and gain the insight you need is to talk to an expert; someone in the relevant field with first hand experience and a deep knowledge of the topic. Chime specializes in finding those experts to meet your needs, whether it's for research, due diligence or problem solving. 

It all starts when you submit a request - online, by email or by phone.  Regardless of how it's submitted, the request is immediately picked up by one of our experienced Project Managers.  The manager will contact you to confirm receipt, clarify your requirements and explain next steps.

Next, the manager will conduct a deep and thorough search of the expert space.  We use dozens of sources and highly automated tools to make this process fast, reliable and comprehensive.  

Once our custom system has gathered the details of these experts and reached out to them to check their interest in participating, the manager will handpick the experts which best meet the request's requirements.  You'll be given a login to a secure online portal to view these candidate experts and give your feedback.

The manager then rigorously screens expert candidates for quality, relevance and compliance.  You'll receive a notification when an expert has passed screening so you can view a more detailed profile, select them for a conference call if you choose and provide your calendar availability.

The Chime project manager then facilitates the call between expert and client, by giving both access to our automated call handling system.  You can be on the phone with an expert within 24 hours of submitting your request.

The project manager is on hand to resolve any issues which may arise and to ensure you get the very best value from the call with the expert.  You may request further calls with other experts as required.

Pricing is simple and completely transparent. There is no long term commitment and no minimum spend. You simply pay for what you need. And there's no risk in trying Chime. For qualified clients, your first Chime expert request is completely free.