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Making a request couldn't be simpler.  You fill in a simple online form. If we need to we'll be in touch straight away to clarify the details.  Then we'll get started sourcing your experts. There are just a few things to note before you begin:
  1. By submitting a request you're agreeing to be bound by our Terms and Conditions.
  2. The price of your request is as described by our simple pricing policy.  We supply a shortlist of interested experts who fit your brief completely free on every request.
  3. On the request form there are guidelines about what information to include; following these will help you get the very best experts as quickly as possible.  But don't worry if that's difficult - let us know the best phone number and time for us to reach you to chat through your requirements.
For qualifying companies, you'll receive a shortlist of suitable experts for your first request so you can give us a try without any risk.  A qualifying company is a legally registered company with at least 25 employees which has not previously used Chime Advisors.  If you're not sure if your company qualifies, please get in touch

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