Expert: FAQs

Have you been contacted by Chime?  Or are you considering becoming a Chime expert?  Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions, but if you need more information, please do get in touch.

I just received an email from you. Why are you contacting me?

Chime is a global knowledge platform that connects businesses with leading industry specialists like you, in order to learn more about best practices, market trends and other in-depth insights. We contacted you because we think you might be a good match for one of our clients who wants to speak to people with expertise like yours, in return for a fee. We would like to discuss this opportunity with you as soon as you get a moment - call the phone number in the email or reply with your number and the best time for us to reach you.

Are you a recruitment agency?

No. Our client is looking for specific expertise on a one-off basis and they’d like to talk to you on the phone, for 30 or 60 minutes, for which you’ll earn a fee. We can schedule this consultation to fit around your work schedule and we are happy to address any concerns you might have around conflict with your current employment.

Is this a consulting project or a phone survey?

No. It’s a one-off, phone based consultation, lasting up to 60 minutes, likely in the next few days, for which you will earn a fee. Please contact us to discuss the details.

What is discussed during a consultation?

Please contact us to discuss the specifics of the project in hand; we will share a full brief with you prior to the consultation. Clients are usually looking for your perspective on your industry, usually on one or more of the following topics:

  • How the industry currently works, e.g. positioning of various players in the market, customer segments, significant partnerships
  • How the industry is changing, e.g. recent trends, market growth or shrinkage, new regulations
  • Your own experiences, e.g. purchasing criteria, relationship with 3rd parties, pain points in your day-to-day work

I’m concerned about confidentiality. How much are you asking me to disclose?

We’re glad you asked. Confidentiality and compliance are really important to us. You won’t be expected to answer any questions you don’t feel comfortable with. Usually we will share a list of questions with you in advance for your review and feedback and if they raise any concerns please discuss them with your Chime project manager. You can see the terms that you’ll agree to here and our compliance agreement here.

So how will it work? And how will I get paid?

We will need to talk to you on the phone to check you’re a good fit for our client. Please get in touch by email or phone. At the same time, we can also answer any questions you might have about the process. If you’re a good fit for the project and you’re happy to proceed we’ll give your contact information to our client and arrange a convenient time for you to speak with them via a conference call. After the call you can make a request for payment and we’ll send you the fee within a few days.

I’m not interested. How can I make sure you don’t contact me again?

We’re sorry to have troubled you if you’d rather not take up this opportunity. Please drop us a line indicating that you’re not interested and we’ll be sure not to contact you again.