Client FAQs

Using Chime for the first time?

Why might I need Chime's service?

Chime finds experts for you to talk to.  Within hours of your initial request, you can be talking to an expert with the qualifications and experience you're looking for to answer your questions. 

What kind of information can I get from the experts?

Almost anything, provided it is not confidential. Imagine you're researching the launch of a new product in a foreign market.  You could speak to marketing experts who work in that foreign location or Product Managers who have developed similar products.  Or perhaps you're producing a report on policy and regulatory implications of a particular technology.  You could speak to academics, advisors or practitioners who are already working in that field.

What information will you provide on the experts so I can make a decision?

Before we've screened a candidate expert, you'll see a high level overview of the expert's profile - this is what we've found online about them as pertains to your request.  After we've screened them, this will be updated with further detail, and you can submit feedback if there's further information you need to make a decision.  You can find out more about our screening process here.

Why am I getting an email with a link to sign in every time I want to view the experts on my request?

This will happen if you've not yet set a password.  Once you've done that, you'll be able to log in with your email address and password each time.  Contact your Chime project manager if you're unsure about how to do that.

Can you tell me how many experts you have in a particular sector?

We source experts for every request. Our own database is only one of dozens of sources we use to locate and contact experts.  This means that the number of experts we propose for your request will depend on how wide your scope is and your required timeline.  We can't promise that we will definitely find the expert you're looking for, but no specification is too niche or obscure.

How does your pricing work?  What does my firm have to commit to in order for me to use Chime?

There are no long term commitments required with Chime. You simply submit your request to get started. We'll source your experts and you'll get a list of candidates that meet your requirements.  You choose the ones to whom you wish to speak and we set up the calls. Once you're finished, we invoice you for the shortlist and the calls.  We do ask you to commit to at least one expert call when we start screening in order to enable us to work in this way; you can see the whole step-by-step process here.

What about confidentiality?

We take confidentiality very seriously.  It's part of our strict compliance policy.  An expert can and will decline to divulge any confidential information.  As well as their agreement with Chime, experts may be bound by any existing employment contracts they have elsewhere and they will never be expected to transgress those.  If you have any specific concerns you can discuss them with your Chime project manager.

How do you set up the conference calls?

Conference calls are set up and routed through our secure phone system.  You'll receive a calendar invite with the expert ID, first name and a local dial in; feel free to forward this to other colleagues who need to join.  When you want to start the call, after entering your conference ID, the expert will be called on their preferred number to start the conference.  Or, if they're already dialed in, you'll be connected directly.  Your contact details will always be hidden from the expert.  If you experience any connection issues, contact your Chime project manager immediately.

Can you help me get the most out of a call?

Absolutely. We encourage you to share some of the questions you'd like to ask the experts ahead of time so that we can make suggestions, or warn you about questions the experts may not be able to answer for any reason.

What happens if I'm not satisfied with the expert on a particular call?

If you are not happy with the way the call is going, you can terminate the consultation within the first ten minutes without incurring any fees.

What happens if I want to continue the call beyond the 60 minutes, or engage with the expert afterwards?

It's always best if you chat with your Chime project manager ahead of time if you think you're likely to want that, so we can check the expert's availability and give them a heads up.  If the call runs over by a couple of minutes, we won't charge you any extra.  Significant call extensions are pro-rated, e.g. an extra 30 minutes means you'll be charged a multiple of 1.5 of the normal price, and similarly for follow up calls.

Does it have to be a phone call or can we connect with the experts in another way?

We'd be very happy to discuss alternative ways for you to get input on your questions.  If you're looking for quantitative responses or an aggregate perspective from a large number of experts, we can easily conduct a bespoke survey.  If you'd like to engage with an individual expert in another way, we can set up a videocall with screenshare, a transcribed interview conducted by us, or a longer project, for example.  Please contact us to discuss your needs.

Where can I get answers to other questions or concerns I have?

We'd be delighted to answer any further questions you might have.  Please speak to your Chime project manager directly if you have one, or if not you can contact us.