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  • 3 top-notch TED Talks for Analysts

    Life as an analyst involves constantly sourcing and consuming new information. This means trawling the internet, scouring databases, pouring over reports and gleaning information in interviews with experts and clients. We’ve chosen three top-notch TED Talks we think will help enhance your consumption skills - or at the very least give you something to watch during a well deserved break.
  • How can you be trusted by the C-suite?

    If you’re like me, and you’d like to remind yourself of why you, as an Analyst, can be trusted by a C-level exec, here’s my top 3 comebacks you can keep in your mental back pocket.  Whether you articulate them out loud or not, I hope they come in handy if you ever feel challenged.
  • Reflections of a management consultant turned entrepreneur (part 2)

    Last week I wrote about the similarities and differences between management consulting and startups as career options.  I didn’t address whether I personally am glad to have started out in consulting and then made the jump to startups (and now my own business).  The answer is, simply, yes.  Not, as some might imagine, so I could rule out consulting and not be looking back wondering if the prestige and compensation would have made me more satisfied than the rollercoaster of the startup world.  Rather, because I believe it actually prepared me for the roles I have since had in lots of ways.
  • Reflections of a management consultant turned entrepreneur

    In the last year I’ve been asked to speak at several events about my perspective on management consulting vs. startups in terms of career path, professional development and personal motivation.  I also get asked about it a lot, usually by people who are just starting their careers or thinking about making the move from one world to the other.  I do believe there are good reasons for people to view them as two sides of the same coin, but there are also aspects that make them not only separate coins, but completely different currencies.  
  • Reclaiming the word 'network'

    Early in my career (and I’m sure I’m not alone in this) I remember being encouraged to “build a big network” and learn how to “network better”.  At the time, I accepted it as a necessary chore, and something I would hate myself and apologize to others for even trying to do.  It’s only recently that I’ve realized a couple of things: first, that ‘network’ doesn’t need to be a dirty word, and second, that I only thought it was dirty because of the way it was presented to me.
  • Why cash isn't really king

    I’m told as an entrepreneur that you need cash to cover your bills and payroll before you’re able to realise revenue. Investors are told to keep a certain proportion of funds in cash for easy access in case of crisis.  Both of those concepts clearly have merit.  But why do we say cash is king? 

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