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Sometimes the only way to get answers to your questions and gain the insight you need is to talk to an expert; someone in the relevant field with first hand experience and a deep knowledge of the topic. Chime specializes in finding those experts to meet your needs, whether it's for research, due diligence or problem solving. You can be on the phone with an expert, carefully selected and screened, within 24 hours.

We use a team of experienced managers and sophisticated computerized systems to scour dozens of sources in order to find the most relevant experts. We then hand-pick and screen them to make sure you get the right kind of expert first time. We present you with a shortlist, complete with profiles of their knowledge and experience, so you can select the people you most want to speak with. Finally we set up the call for you to talk to them at a time to suit you.

Pricing is simple and completely transparent. There is no long term commitment and no minimum spend. You simply pay for what you need. And there's no risk in trying Chime: you can receive a shortlist of suitable experts for your project for free.


Connecting You to The Help You Need

  1. Submit a request - Online or by phone, tell us what expertise you’re looking for and your deadlines. We'll get back to you if anything needs further clarification.
  2. Review expert profiles - Within 24 hours you’ll be able to see biographies of experts that meet your requirements, screened and ready to go.
  3. Speak with experts - Once you’ve selected the experts you like we’ll set up the calls at a time to suit you. Our automated system means no waiting around on a conference call.

Case Studies

A management consultancy was advising a large pharmaceutical IT provider on creating a compelling value proposition in the current shifting landscape. They wanted to speak with current Chief Medical Officers. Within 24 hours, Chime presented a shortlist of seven experts, and delivered a further ten during the project. The client spoke to three experts within a week of contacting us. They reported the calls transformed their understanding of the industry and the robustness of their recommendations.

A management consultancy was making a bid for a premium skincare brand. They wanted to speak with former C-level executives of similar brands who had been involved in the launch of a new product. Within 24 hours, Chime presented experts whose profiles were included in consultancy's proposal. The firm went on to win the bid and completed consultations with two of Chime’s experts. They reported that the early guidance on project direction prevented wasted work and maximised impact.

A consumer insights consultancy was advising a client on the emerging Smart/Connected Home market in Japan and Korea and needed to understand industry dynamics and the leading players. Chime presented a shortlist of four experts and the client selected three of them. The client was delighted; they commented that given the extremely nascent stage of the market in Japan, the calls provided insight impossible to obtain elsewhere.

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